Maggie G.

I had called another service but they re-scheduled four times. Finally decided to look for another service and found AC Plus.

Anthony was earlier than expected, immediately located the problem, and had it fixed within an hour. Excellent service. Very Professional. I will be using them again (if needed but hopefully not!)

Ellen S.

Our heater has been randomly working so I decided to poll our local community FB group...that I was looking for a top notch, honest and skilled heating/AC technician. I received a positive post from Michele...and read this company many positive reviews. I inquired and Matt was quick to respond, scheduled an inspection appointment within 2 days. Called prior to confirm, was prompt on his arrival time. Checked out and made his diagnosis of our "problem". This is a 30-year unit and we decided it would be better $$ to replace it than do a "rebuild". Matt showed my husband cell phone pics he took while he reviewed the unit on the roof. We felt very comfortable with Matt. He schedules our appointment, 2 days after our initial appointment. This is a family business and his brother, Eric was the dismantler/installer. Their father worked the crane. After about 5 hours...installing new ceiling receivers, new thermostat...everything is perfect. I didn't feel rushed and they all wanted to make sure we were their priority. Best choice I've made in 2017 for an in-home business. Thank you, AC Plus Family!!!!!!

laurie s.

Great service! Top notch company! My heater broke and I called because I saw the wonderful reviews on yelp...and yes! It's very true you will be happy too.

It was very easy to schedule an appointment, the phone rep was really courteous and nice. Matt came out and got my 15 year old heater running like new at such a reasonable rate. He even explained things in a very clear way and showed me the parts of my heater that had broken.

I'm so happy and will call again for any of my HVAC needs. Thank you so much for your excellent service!

Shelley M.

I contacted AC Plus after another air conditioner repairman said the compressor on my 28 year-old central air conditioner was shot. Since it was so old, I could not just replace the compressor: I had to replace the entire heating/cooling unit. Since I was facing a very hefty price tag, I thought I should get several estimates.

The number two guy went with what I said the first guy told me and gave me an estimate.

Then Matt came to give me an estimate. He asked if I minded if he took a look at the unit. We powered it up. He said he thought the compressor was trying to come on. He then asked if the first guy looked at the rest of the unit. I didn't know so Matt opened up the wiring part of the unit and noticed something not right. He tested then replaced a small part, powered up the air conditioner, and WOW! Boy did my air conditioner put some cold air into the house! In just a few minutes and a couple hundred dollars, he fixed my problem and saved me several thousands of dollars!

I'll get a bit more use out of the air conditioner but when I do need a new one, I'm calling Matt back!